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Ben Vaughn keep doing the job of explaining with a simple but yet methodic way about issues that need to be explained to all women´s, but if you are a constant reader in Ben Vaughn, you may already know that here we don’t only take those subjects, we also explain in a very detailed way tips and advices about how to improve your life in simple steps or how to touch subjects that are hard for most of us.

One of the most recurring subjects in Ben Vaughn is pregnancy, going from the moment you are pregnant all the way to the childbirth and that’s because in Ben Vaughn we don’t hide any secrets or details about what you are going through.

We know that every pregnancy is different from the other, and that’s why one of the reasons here in Ben Vaughn we encourage all our beloved readers and visitors to tell their pregnancy story and how was the whole process and how is the maternity life, you can be free and tell us with every detail you want, your story can help a lot of women´s that are going thru the same process that is pregnancy.

But here in Ben Vaughn we not only invite you to write about your pregnancy story, you can also tell us about any advice or information that you think is worth known for all the girls that visit Ben Vaughn on daily basis. If you wish to share your knowledge in these subjects, you can always contact me and write an article worth reading, I´ll be more than happy to publish it here in Ben Vaughn.