Spain defeats England 2:1 in Nations League

In the big game of the first Nations-League round Spain won in England.

London – The Spanish national soccer team has made a new start. “La Roja” won the Nations-League-beat on Saturday evening against the fourth England 2:1 (2:1) and gave Neo-Teamchef Luis Enrique a tailor-made debut. It was the opening match in Group 4 of the A-League, in which Croatia is also represented. The runners-up will be in Elche on Tuesday.

Saul Niguez (13th) and Rodrigo (32nd) made the decision at London’s Wembley Stadium before the break. Marcus Rashford (11th) had shot the “Three Lions” into the lead early on. For the English, it was the first home defeat in their compulsory game since a 2-3 defeat to Croatia in November 2007, as well as the second in their 43 most recent games in front of their own audience. That was not the only bitter thing: Luke Shaw was carried off the pitch with suspicion of a serious injury.

Saul Niguez Honours

Atlético Madrid

  • Copa del Rey: 2012–13
  • Supercopa de España: 2014
  • UEFA Europa League: 2011–12, 2017–18
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2018
  • UEFA Champions League: Runner-up 2015–16


  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship: 2012
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Runner-up 2017


  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship Team of the Tournament: 2012
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Golden Boot 2017
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the Tournament: 2017
  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2017–18

PSV Eindhoven play cosmo

For the Spaniards, the game started badly. The home side combined from their own half over several stations, and Shaw’s Idealpass was used by Rashford in the penalty area (11th). But the Spaniards were anything but shocked and took the goal as a wake-up call. Saul Niguez did not even out two minutes after a perfect pass to the centre of Rodrigo from ten metres.

Before the break, the assistant also became the scorer. The 27-year-old Valencia striker took a Thiago free-kick directly and shot right into the corner (32). This time, the English almost struck back immediately, but Goalie David de Gea had something against it. The Manchester United goalkeeper nullified a Rashford header with a brilliant save (35th).

Immediately after the restart, football became briefly irrelevant. Shaw went down after a duel with Dani Carvajal, was treated for minutes on the pitch and finally carried off the field with an oxygen mask. The 23-year-old left-back’s career almost came to an end once. After a foul against PSV Eindhoven on 15 September 2015, the Manchester United player had to undergo two operations for a double shin fracture. “I was on the verge of losing my leg,” Shaw told the Guardian recently. According to the Guardian, Shaw was at least responsive on Saturday night.

The kickers then tried to focus on the essentials again. As a Thiago shot went just over it (55th), it remained exciting until the end. De Gea captured the victory with a parade at a Rashford finale (81st). In the final phase it was once again turbulent, a goal by Danny Welbeck was not recognized because of foul on De Gea (97.). The Spaniards finished the first game after their chaotic appearance at the World Cup, which ended in the round of 16, and the resignations of the veterans Andres Iniesta, David Silva and Gerard Pique. Play Cosmo is an interesting casino that provides you with quite a lot of gaming options.

England scored almost as many goals in a single game as they had in the previous 14 compulsory home games, where they only had to take the ball out of the net three times.


Broke in Bosnia! ÖFB mislaunch in the Nations League

In the first game of the newly created Nations League, Austria will be beaten 1-0 in Bosnia.

Zenica – Austria’s national football team has made a false start in the Football Nations League. Marko Arnautovic and Co. suffered an unearned 0-1 (0-0) defeat on Tuesday evening in Zenica near Bosnia-Herzegovina. AS Roma striker Edin Dzeko missed ÖFB team boss Franco Foda’s debut match with his 78th-minute goal.

It was the second defeat under Foda in the eighth game after a test 0:3 against Brazil on 10 June. The remaining six games the Austrians had all won. Now group 3 in the B-League of the new competition is already looking bad. After two games Bosnia has already lost six points to Austria and Northern Ireland. The two teams with no points will have their second match on 12 October (20:45) in a direct duel in Vienna, where only one victory counts. Bosnia had defeated Northern Ireland 2:1 at the start.

Schöpf only on the bench

ÖFB team boss Franco Foda changed his team in only two positions compared to the latest 2-0 test in Vienna against Sweden. Michael Gregoritsch and Valentino Lazaro replaced the Schalkers Guido Burgstaller and Alessandro Schöpf in the offensive. Stefan Lainer, who had been struck last, was part of the match and part of the midfield in a 3-4-3 formation. Offensive star Marko Arnautovic led his team as captain for the first time ever.

The ÖFB team started aggressively into the game, disturbed early, stood very high and was very good in the game from the beginning. A Zulj shot was deflected to the corner (12th), while Bosnia-Goalie Ibrahim Sehic was at the post (14th) with a shot from Arnautovic, who was repeatedly booed by the home crowd. In the 22nd minute Sturms Zulj again found a shot chance, but this time he aimed clearly over it (22nd). It was the last successful ÖFB final before the break.

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Ibrahim Sehic  Honours


  • Bosnian Premier League: 2009–10
  • Bosnian Cup: 2010–11


  • Azerbaijan Premier League: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
  • Azerbaijan Cup: 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17

Two times luck before the break

The Bosnians got in better shape, became more courageous and suddenly had more of the game. The Foda team was no longer recognizable. Many bad passes shaped their game, therefore nothing worth mentioning came off offensively. Sebastian Prödl and Co. stood suddenly also very deeply and let the necessary aggressiveness miss something. The ÖFB troops therefore needed the necessary luck twice. Toni Sunjic slipped just past a Pjanic corner in the fifth (27th), and Edin Dzeko, who was ready for the shot, missed a Duljevic flank (40th).

The Austrians were not able to put off the uncertainty even after the restart. Tormann Heinz Lindner fisted a Pjanic flank at the feet of Duljevic, whose shot was just blocked by Lainer (56th). To the front nothing ran together playfully, shots of Lazaro (66.) and David Alaba (69.) brought only rudimentary goal danger. The Bosnians presented themselves somewhat better and were therefore not wrongly rewarded with the leading goal. Arnautovic lost the ball, which came via Elvis Saric to Dzeko, who was attacked too timidly and shot into the long corner. Read Nissi Casino’s review here!

The ÖFB eleven was not able to put a damper on it, and the receipts of Marcel Sabitzer, Guido Burgstaller and Louis Schaub did not change anything. Schaub found the only chance to equalize in the final phase, but slipped past a Lainer flank (91st). More dangerous, however, were the hosts, where Salzburg’s Darko Todorovic played right in the defence. Lazaro rescued Krunic on the line (95th) with a shot from Rade in highest emergency. For Austria, who disappointed over long distances in the first match of the competition after almost eleven months, it was the first bankruptcy in the fourth duel with the Bosnians after one victory and two draws before.


Change in Wacker attack: Dedic missing, Eler storming

Without goalscorer Zlatko Dedic, FC Wacker will be playing today’s away match at Wolfsberger AC from 2.30 pm.

Innsbruck – Flo Rieder did not prepare himself for the Wacker foals’ match against Steyr,  the 22-year-old slipped into the squad of the “Erste” at short notice and sat in the bus to Carinthia from noon. Which had a good reason – the insulted adductors of Zlatko Dedic did not pass the fitness test, so the Wacker goal scorer had to cancel today’s away match at Wolfsberger AC. “He tried, but the pain was too great. That doesn’t make any sense,” said coach Karl Daxbacher after the morning training session.

Dedic’s bad luck is Patrik Eler’s chance. The 27-year-old Slovenian, who returned to FC Wacker after a disappointing season with French second division club AS Nancy in the summer, is making his debut in the FCW Bundesliga starter line-up in the Lavanttal Arena and is eager to score his first goal in the tipico Bundesliga. Eler scored 24 times in the 2016/17 second-rate season, securing the top scorer’s crown in the Sky Go First Division and giving the Black Greens a transfer win of over 600,000 euros when they moved to France.

Wolfsberger AC spin palace

Today, the Tyroleans are anxious to add another victory to their only win so far in eight Bundesliga duels against Wolfsberg, but are aware of the difficulty of the task. For Daxbacher, the WAC is higher than in the previous season. The recipe for FC Wacker can only be to take advantage of the resulting space in the offensive from a secure defensive. “I think we’ll have a chance,” said Daxbacher, expecting attacking “wolves” who are susceptible to counterattacks. And that’s where Eler should come into play. Spin Palace has large selections of games, quality graphics, fun stories and high payout percentages.

In any case, the Wolfsbergers have been warned against the rising star from the West. “They have only just lost at both major Viennese clubs. The dangers that Innsbruck has are clear to us. They are very dangerous with standards and have enormous quality in counter play,” WAC coach Christian Ilzer is aware after studying the two FCW away defeats at Austria and against Rapid that one must not run into the open knife.

From 2011 to 2014, Christopher Wernitznig played 94 Bundesliga games in the Wacker dress. However, the 28-year-old has to watch the duel against his former club from the stands after he suffered a torn ligament in his ankle during training and has to rest for four weeks.


4 Ideas to Take Care of Yourself on Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages a woman can live, but also one of the most delicate stages. This doesn’t mean you cannot work, get out of bed or do something else. On the contrary, you can do many things to stay active, obviously taking the respective cares. Here are some ideas to take care of yourself while you are pregnant:

Rest Well

Pregnancy is difficult because you manage a new level of tiredness, and stress you cannot control, so you have to try to rest as much as you can, in order to be able to relax, get up freshened up, and not be grumpy or stressed out.


If it’s your first pregnancy, this is a great advantage. You can read a lot of books about pregnancy and motherhood, which would be undoubtedly good for you. It’s recommendable for you to attend prenatal classes, and acquire all possible knowledge to be prepared.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a simple, yet intense workout to do, and it will help you a lot while pregnant. It helps your breathing technique and practice postures which will keep you active and comfortable during the pregnancy. It’s easy to do at home, and without a doubt, it will help you to control any stress or pain that you may have.

Enjoy your Pregnancy

It’s an experience some people only get to live once in a lifetime, so enjoy it. Don’t cry or be stressed, as any sadness or stress you may have, the baby will receive it. It’s a beautiful stage, so try to focus on it.

Try to be relaxed, take things lightly, especially by the last trimester of the pregnancy, due to some back or foot pains which can be hellish. And always stay in touch with your doctor to check out everything. Do all of these and you will have a good pregnancy.


The Pregnancy Package – 4 Items which shouldn’t be forgotten when preparing Your Own

All women have different pregnancies. Some of them are lucky, doesn’t experience any type of morning sickness or nausea, nor pain or discomfort. For others is exactly the opposite, but it’s that kind of pain you know it worth the pain just to see the face of your baby. Therefore, you should always be prepared. Here we show you a list of items or products which shouldn’t be forgotten when preparing your own pregnancy package:


Body creams are a miraculous creation for any pregnant woman. It’s normal, for a pregnant woman, to have stretched skin, and get certain stretch marks. It is just part of our natural beauty when becoming a mother. But if you want to avoid them, there are plenty of anti-stretch marks creams that will help you a lot. There are also moisturizers which will help to fight against dry skin.


Books about pregnancy, or about motherhood, are something any mom has added to their pregnancy package. They are a great help to learn everything you need to know about specific topics.


Chocolates are a remedy for anything and everything. It’s always recommendable to have chocolate bars in your bag, in case your sugar levels get low, you feel weak or you are just craving something sweet. Sweet things like chocolate or candy are recommended to stimulate the baby when in labor.

2 Bags

You must have a bag with your belongings and another with the baby’s belongings, ready for any emergency. These things need to be clean, and in good condition.

Pregnancy is the first contact you’ll have with your baby, to feel them kicking and turning around. But all that also makes it unique, beautiful, and special. It’s a pain that undoubtedly any woman would live thousands of times by only seeing the face of the person who will become the most important thing for you.


5 Tips to Follow to Have a Wonderful Pregnancy

The important while being pregnant is to stay healthy. Women must take certain cares at the time of being in this beautiful stage of life, in order to carry a totally healthy pregnancy, without any complications, pain or stress. Therefore, here we share with you some tips you should follow to have a wonderful pregnancy:

Take Vitamins

Vitamins are strengthening you and your baby’s system. These vitamins will help you to have more strength, improve your health, and even help to develop different baby’s organs in a healthier and correct way.


Any exercise will be good for your body, especially during pregnancy. Always check with your doctor as there are many exercises which require more efforts than the ones you should be doing. The best exercise for pregnant women is yoga, which has many advantages for the mom, like managing your breathing, keeping you active, and learning how to relax.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you cannot do anything. You can do a lot of things, but there are certain restrictions. You cannot lift heavy stuff, avoid any contact with animals, such as cats or dogs to avoid parasites or ticks it may have. You also cannot walk long distances, have any contact with chemical products, and do not take any un-prescribed drug.

Just Chill

You should not have such strong emotions, and you should relax and take things slowly. This is important as the baby will be feeling everything as well.

Eat Well

You must eat healthy food and replenish your body with plenty of nutrients your baby will absorb. So, you can eat anything, but it’s advisable to focus on eating the right food. Things like good protein sources, fruits, and vegetables are the best thing you could have in your diet.

Try to fully enjoy the pregnancy, and have all the necessary care to avoid misfortunes, diseases or complications. It’s okay to talk to your doctor about every doubt you may have as he is the one who will recommend what to do about it.