Hello, my name is Luz L. Brimmer, and I’m the founder of Ben Vaughn, a blog made exclusively for women, and by a woman. Ben Vaughn started as a basic idea growing on me for a long time. When I was about sixteen years old, I realized one of the things which made me happy in this world was helping my friends with problems that only women can understand.

Back then, I was really good at giving advices, thanks to always being informed about related topics. As the years went by, I started studying more about my body and myself, and I realized there’s not much information available about it, at least on the web. I thought it was not fair, and I knew I had to use my knowledge to try to make something positive and life-changing for all women out there.

Ben Vaughn was born from that vision. This blog specializes in taking all the issues and questions that we face and explain it in a way that can be understandable for all the young ladies out there. Ben Vaughn has grown a lot since it was created, and now we even touch subjects that are more common or tabooer for us, as it is also a safe place for all ladies of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, so feel free to stay here and read more about you.